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Fixwell Knives 12-pack Basic Multicolor

Fixwell Knives 12-pack Basic Multicolor

Item No: FSB-12M

  • 3499

These Fixwell knives are extremely sharp and long lasting, yet so affordable that it is more economical to replace them than to sharpen them. The high quality serrated blades are ideal for: Kitchen: Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Fish, Breads, Cakes, Cold Cuts, and more Utility: Workshop, Crafts, Fishing, Gardening, and you name it! There are so many ways to put these sharp knives to use. In addition to being great all-around kitchen tools, they're handy for fix-it and craft projects and they perform various gardening tasks with ease. Fishermen, gardeners, and craftsmen find lots of uses for these versatile knives. You'll be delighted with the light grip and pressure needed to use these outstanding all-purpose knives. This product is backed with the official Five (5) Year craftsmanship warranty against defects

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