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About Fixwell

Fixwell knives are extremely sharp, tough, and very affordable. They are super easy to clean, dishwasher safe, never need sharpening and their razor sharp blades known to last a very long time.

Manufactured in Germany, these knives are used all over the world to the satisfaction of millions of home cooks. We also offer a professional grade line favored by many cafeterias, caterers and commercial kitchens.

Fixwell knives are well known as excellent, economical multi-purpose knives. They are so economical that it makes more sense to replace them then sharpen. The multi-purpose Fixwell knives are made of hardened stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Authentic Buying Guide

We can only guarantee the authenticity of Fixwell products purchased on this site or via direct links from this site.

We particularly see a huge amount of knock-offs being produced in South Asia & the Middle East, and being passed off online by Eastern-import type sellers in many online marketplaces as the real Fixwell Knives Made in Germany.

Due to the frequency of such illegitimate products, the best way to be sure that you are ordering a genuine Fixwell product is through this site.

Fixwell Knives Construction
Fixwell Knives Advantage
Fixwell Knives Design

The design of Fixwell knives bring several advantages:

  • Excellent balance. Using Fixwell knives can reduce fatigue and increase efficiency.
  • Extreme sharpness. The very sharp Fixwell knives produce cleaner cuts with less effort.
  • Serrated blade edges. The blade edges on Fixwell knives have a special serration that aids with slicing and carving.
  • Comfortable handle. Fixwell knives are designed to feel comfortable during use.
  • Durable construction. The durable construction of Fixwell knives make them easy to care for and long lasting.
Fixwell Knives Blade Tips

Fixwell Blade Tips

There are two types of blade tips used on Fixwell knives. One blade tip is pointed and has a sharp angle on the end of the blade of Fixwell knives. Other Fixwell knives have a rounded tip. The differences between the two blade tips found on Fixwell knives are detailed below.

Fixwell Knives - The Angled Tip.

This blade tip was the original blade tip found on all Fixwell knives. It has a sharp angle from the edge of the top of the Fixwell blade to the bottom. These Fixwell knives are excellent, for example, when used for slicing rolls because the tip is very sharp and can be poked into the bread easily and cleanly. In fact bread scoring and bread slicing are very common uses of Fixwell knives.

Fixwell Knives - The Curved Tip.

Fixwell knives introduced this in response to many customers who asked for an alternative blade tip. The Fixwell knives with rounded tips are not nearly as sharp at the tip, provided an extra measure of for users of Fixwell knives. The rest of the blade on these Fixwell knives are still identical to the classic version, making these Fixwell knives almost equally as versatitle.

Slicing with Fixwell Knives
Fixwell Knives Food Styling

Fixwell Food Styling

A great advantage of the design of Fixwell knives is that, since they are such versatile knives, you can use fewer knives in the kitchen. The fine balance and comfort of Fixwell knives lends them to more precise and finer cuts and spreads. Fixwell knives are an excellent decorating tool!

Fixwell Knives and Paring

Fixwell Paring

Fixwell knives as well suited for use as paring knives, which are specifically designed for preparing vegetables, fruits and potatoes. The smaller Fixwell knives are a wonderful tool for close, detailed work such as boning chicken or peeling an apple.

Fixwell Knives for Dicing

Fixwell Dicing

To use Fixwell knives for dicing, keep the tip on the cutting board and the angle of the knife at about 40 degrees. Place the plam of your free hand on top of the Fixwell knives blade and press in a rocking motion. Fixwell knives, with their unique serrated edge, do a wonderful job of dicing.

Carving with Fixwell Knives

Fixwell Carving

Carving is one of the most practical uses of Fixwell knives. The benefit of carving with Fixwell knives is derived for the extra sharpe blade, and the unique serration of the blade on Fixwell knives. Fixwell knives will slice through anything, smoothly and evenly each time.

Fixwell Knives Garden Use

Fixwell Garden Use

Fixwell knives, with their sharp, serrated blade, comfort and balance, are well suited for typical garden and household uses. Fixwell knives maintain their sharpness, and last a lifetime making Fixwell knives a great tool around the house.

Fixwell Knives Workshop Use

Fixwell Workshop Use

If your Fixwell knives have been disapeering on you, here's a little tip: check the garage! The versatility of Fixwell knives make them extremely useful as utility knives. Fixwell knives stay sharp and are not easily damaged in the toolbox or workbench.

Fishing with Fixwell Knives

Fixwell Fishing

One of the things we didn't expect to see Fixwell knives used for is as a fish and tackle tool. But the unique design of Fixwell knives make them ideally suited as an all-purpose utility knife. So, not surprisingly, Fixwell knives can be a great addition to any fisherman's/outdoorman's arsenal.