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Make sure to buy Authentic Fixwell Knives and beware of counterfeits

Posted by Fixwell USA on

As pointed out by Consumer Reports, buying counterfeit goods comes with big risks. Not only do counterfeit products cost businesses hundreds of billions each year (as well as thousands of lost jobs), but many counterfeits are downright dangerous.

Besides ripping off consumers of their hard-earned cash, fakes are often made with cheap, substandard and dangerous, often toxic, materials. After all, individuals prepared to sell fraudulent products will not hesitate to take similar shortcuts with the health and safety of their customers.

In many marketplaces we are currently seeing a major influx of counterfeit Fixwell cutlery products, of poor quality, and made with materials unfit for contact with the food. Please protect your family and your wallets by steering clear of unsafe Fixwell counterfeits. Shop with confidence at

Example of Counterfeit Fixwell Knives:

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